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Sip, Style and Socialize

Sip, Style and Socialize began as what was supposed to be a small brunch for a few moms in our community. Each time we met to discuss the event we added a new component. How about if we offer a nail touch ups? Let's offer make-up! Well, if your make-up and nails are done, let's also offer hair! Well, one thing led to another and we came up with Sip, Style and Socialize!

On April 30th, a group of 25 L.A based Mamacitas met us for a morning of styling, shopping and socializing. The ladies in attendance were treated to hair, make-up and nail touch ups. We also had a professional masseuse treating our mamas to a relaxing shoulder massage. In addition, we offered delicious treats and mimosas, a dream board station and a shopping experience with our friend Fashion Seekers Boutique. All mamacitas also received goody bags filled with daily essentials like make-up, jewelry and scented candles to keep them feeling beautiful all year long. 

Stay tuned because Sip, Style and Socialize 2018 will be announced soon!

Ruby Medina