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A Minnie Mouse Luau

This Summer we hosted a Minnie Mouse Luau for the release of Minnie's Helpers. We had just one week's notice but we were up for the challenge! Plus, it gave us the opportunity to hang out with some of our favorite L.A Mommy bloggers and their kiddos and husbands! 

The weather has been beautiful in Los Angeles but it does get a little hot in July. We decided to host the Minnie Mouse Luau at Griffith Park because not only is it beautiful but the park is full of trees that would serve as shade for our party. It doesn't exactly scream luau but we were confident that we could transform any space into a tropical island! 



Check out Janet's and Ruby's blogs for more pictures and inspiration for your next Summer Luau! 


Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this event and our blogger Mamacitas for joining us!